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1048 - Mojo 33. Koerner, Ray and Glover - Blues, Rags and Hollers (1963)

Track Listing

1. Linin' Track
2. Ramblin' Blues
3. It's All Right
4. Hangman
5. Ted Mack Rag
6. Down To Louisiana
7. Creepy John
8. Bugger Burns
9. Sun's Wail
10. Dust My Broom
11. One Kind Favor
12. Go Down Ol' Hannah
13. Good Time Charlie
14. Banjo Thing
15. Stop That Thing
16. Too Bad
17. Snaker's Here
18. Low Down Rounder
19. Jimmy Bell
20. Mumblin' Word


So three white boys get together to sing and play the blues... this could go tragically wrong, but fortunately for all of us it doesn't. It goes very well indeed and this ends up being a great album.

Koerner, Ray and Glover are truly excited about what their playing and that comes out particularly in the fast speed of their singing and playing, the blues is faster and much rockier than what it had been before, if not in musical terms then at least in attitude.

With the innovations the album bring it doesn't stop from being a pretty respectable Blues album with both covers and originals on offer which do a pretty good work of the music. Here we see the major influence Harry Smith's anthology and the colleciton of Robert Johnson tracks released in '61 would be.

Track Highlights

1. Dust My Broom
2. Linin' The Track
3. Ramblin' Blues
4. It's All Right

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

Despite recording, performing and being billed as a trio, the three play together only on the opening track, "Linin' Track". The other tracks are either solo performances by Koerner or Ray and two duets by Ray and Glover and one by Koerner and Glover.

Blues, Rags and Hollers was recorded in Milwaukee during a one-day session.

Documentary on Koerner, Ray and Glover:

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