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1029 - Mojo Special 2. Various Artists - Cabin in The Sky OST (1943)

Track Listing

1. Cabin in the Sky Main Title)
2. Little Black Sheep
3. Old Ship of Zion
4. But the Flesh Is WEA
5. Prayer
6. First Revelation
7. Saint Petunia
8. Happiness Is Just a Thing Called Joe
9. Dat Suits Me
10. Besides the Still Waters
11. Cabin in the Sky
12. Ain't It the Truth
13. Ain't It the Truth
14. Takin' a Cahnce on Love
15. Meek and the Mild
16. Life's Full of Consequence
17. Petunia in the Wilderness
18. Happiness Is Just a Thing Called Joe
19. Things Ain't What They Used to Be
20. Going Up
21. My Old Virginia Home
22. Shine
23. Honey in the Honeycomb
24. Love Me Tomorrow
25. Honey in the Honeycomb
26. Sweet Petunia
27. Third Revelation
28. Little Joe Throws Snake Eyes
29. Amen
30. Takin' a Chance on Love/End Title


This is the first on the list of 100 great soundtracks that Mojo has provided as an appendix to their list. It is an interesting soundtrack even if not a particularly amazing one.

As often happens in soundtracks there is too much stuff going on here to really make for a coherent recording, from orchestral to black spiritual to jazz to songs there is a bit of everything here.

While most of it is of pretty great quality such as the famous title track or Happiness is a Thing Called Joe, the album lacks cohesion. As such the best moments are really the songs, the orchestral parts are sometimes reminiscent of Tom & Jerry, which while being a good thing in itself is sometimes distracting. So a good but not great soundtrack.

Track Highlights

1. Cabin in the Sky
2. Happiness is a Thing Called Joe
3. Honey in the Honeycomb
4. Things Ain't What They Used to Be

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

The film was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song for "Happiness is a Thing Called Joe" sung by Ethel Waters.

Trailer for the film:

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