Wednesday, December 23, 2009

1044 - Mojo 26. Oliver Nelson - The Blues and the Abstract Truth (1961)

Track Listing

1. Stolen Moments
2. Hoe Down
3. Cascades
4. Yearnin'
5. Butch And Butch
6. Teenie's Blues


Jazz seems to be pretty well represented in this list, and here we get another good jazz album. You will notice however I said good and not fantastic or whatever, because it was just good.

Stolen Moments is indeed a great track, but the rest of the album doesn't really live up to it. In fact the album feels a little bit samey after a while and although the music is always great there is a distinct lack of excitement in me when I listen to it.

So again a good Jazz album which didn't particularly impress me. I don't know I might be missing something here, but compared to some of the other great stuff we've been having here lately it really didn't impress me.

Track Highlights

1. Stolen Moments
2. Cascades
3. Hoe-Down
4. Teenie's Blues

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

Of the pieces on Nelson's album, "Stolen Moments" is the most famous; it is a sixteen-bar piece (in an eight-six-two pattern), though the solos are on a conventional 12-bar minor-key blues structure in C minor. "Hoe-Down" is built on a forty-four-bar structure (with thirty-two-bar solos based on "rhythm changes"). "Cascades" modifies the traditional 32-bar AABA form by using a 16-bar minor blues for the A section, stretching the form to a total of 56 bars. The B-side of the album contains three tracks that hew closer to 12-bar form: "Yearnin'", "Butch and Butch" and "Teenie's Blues".

Guy plays stolen moments... for some reason there is none of the original to be found:

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