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1032 - Mojo 11. Mose Allison - Back Country Suite (1957)

Track Listing

1. New Ground
2. Train
3. Warm Night
4. Blues
5. Saturday
6. Scamper
7. January
8. Promised Land
9. Spring Song
10. Highway 49
11. Blueberry Hill
12. You Won't Let Me Go
13. I Thought About You
14. One Room Country Shack
15. In Salah


A cool jazz album by amazing pianist/vocalist Mose Allison. The music is pretty nifty and the album is mostly instrumental, but it is when Mose's voice comes out in tracks like Blues that it really shines.

Mose's voice is sweet and light and sounds pretty young indeed, put together with his amazing piano playing it really brings another dimension to what would already be a great album.

The recording is crisp and clean for the standards of the time, it has been very well remastered and the available versions are really something. It has a kind of smoky nightclub feel to it, and again Mojo surprises us with great stuff.

Track Highlights

1. Blues
2. One Room Country Shack
3. New Ground
4. Scamper

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

He has been called "the William Faulkner of Jazz". His music has influenced many blues and rock artists, including The Rolling Stones, The Yardbirds, John Mayall, J. J. Cale and The Who, who made "Young Man Blues" a staple of their live performances. Blue Cheer also recorded a version of his song "Parchman Farm" on their debut album. The Yardbirds and The Misunderstood both recorded versions of his song "I'm Not Talking".

Mose doing a cover of You Are My Sunshine at age 83:

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