Wednesday, December 16, 2009

1037 - Mojo Special 4. Ska After Ska After Ska (1958-1966)

Track Listing

1. Thoroughfare
2. Magnificent Ska
3. It's Real
4. Strongman Sampson
5. Alleycat Ska
6. When You Are Wrong
7. Carry Go Bring Come
8. Street Corner
9. True Confession
10. When I Call Your Name
11. Musical Storeroom
12. Words
13. Duke Reid Speaks
14. Burial
15. Guns Fever
16. Oh Little Girl
17. Get Your Feet Moving
18. Only Suffering
19. Storm Warning
20. Rough And Tough
21. Nuclear Weapon


Another great compilation of early Ska tracks, this time all produced by Duke Reid who makes an appearance in the album giving "advice" from the production booth. Again this is great stuff, unlike the previous compilation there is a good mix of vocal and instrumental pieces.

Three of the tracks here are repetitions from those in the first Ska compilation on the list, but they are all great tracks in fact they are some of t he best tracks from the previous compilation. This means that there is really nothing wrong with having these tracks repeated because they are simply great.

The R&B influence is more than obvious here and it creates a nice bridge sound between Ska and R&B particularly in the vocal pieces, R&B with a Caribbean feel if you'd like. Great selection.

Track Highlights

1. Magnificent Ska
2. When You Are Wrong
3. Alleycat Ska
4. Oh Little Girl

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