Sunday, November 01, 2009

998. Kings of Leon - Aha Shake Heartbreak (2004)

Track Listing

1. Slow Night, So Long
2. King Of The Rodeo
3. Taper Jean Girl
4. Pistol Of Fire
5. Milk
6. The Bucket
7. Soft
8. Razz
9. Day Old Blues
10. Four Kicks
11. Velvet Snow
12. Rememo


Another album by the Kings of Leon which is frankly a bit redundant. This is not to say it isn't great stuff or that it doesn't live up to their first album but it does feel like more of the same with an added dose of pretension.

Their whole gimmick of Southern backwoods boys who are "natural hipsters" stinks a bit as the music is clearly inspired from sources much further afield. Of course there is some CCR here, but there is even more Strokes.

So to me the sheen that I could see in their first album has slightly worn off by now, and good as it is, and there is in some ways slight improvements, the novelty value has worn off.

Track Highlights

1. The Bucket
2. Slow Night, So Long
3. Taper Jean Girl
4. Four Kicks

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

The original version of the album featured a white background and an orchid, the second featured a black cover with a different kind of orchid. The second also contained the bonus track "Where Nobody Knows", and on both albums the flower is positioned in a suggestively sexual position.

The Bucket:

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