Tuesday, November 24, 2009

1017. LCD Soundsystem - Sound of Silver (2007)

Track Listing

1. Get Innocuous!
2. Time To Get Away
3. North American Scum
4. Someone Great
5. All My Friends
6. Us V Them
7. Watch The Tapes
8. Sound Of Silver
9. New York, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down


Let's get this straight, LCD Soundsystem are (is) beyond great. That being said I can now start gushing. How can what sounds like such a modern album be so unrepentantly retro and manage to do it all so well?

You can really tell that this guy loves his music. You could already tell it in his earlier release (unfortunately not present in this list) with a track like Losing My Edge, name checking great bands in a non-annoying way. But here he does more than name check, he builds whole tracks around great music from an earlier age.

There are tracks here which channel Kraftwerk and David Bowie from the Eno years (Get Innocuous!), 80s disaffected synth-pop (Sound of Silver), Modern Lovers (North American Scum), Joy Division (All My Friends) and so on and so forth, and all is done perfectly without ever losing originality even while being full of little tributes. A great, great album.

Track Highlights

1. All My Friends
2. Sound of Silver
3. Get Innocuous!
4. North American Scum

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

In 2009 Pitchfork Media named the track "All My Friends", the second best song of the decade, and a week later, Sound of Silver was ranked at #17 in the 200s albums of the decade list.

All My Friends:


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Lanark said...

These 20 additional albums are a lot better than most of the stuff they'd already included - esp the 1990s stuff. Shame they've thrown out some good stuff to include them rather than either a) adding them as an appendix or b) throwing out some of the unnecessary rubbish they already had (Metallica, I'm looking at you!)