Wednesday, November 18, 2009

1012. Ghostface Killah - Fishscale (2006)

Track Listing

1. The Return Of Clyde Smith (Skit)
2. Shakey Dog
3. Kilo
4. The Champ
5. Major Operation (Skit)
6. 9 Milli Bros
7. Beauty Jackson
8. Heart Street Directions (Skit)
9. Columbus Exchange (Skit)
10. R.A.G.U.
11. Bad Mouth Kid (Skit)
12. Whip You With A Strap
13. Back Like That
14. Be Easy
15. Clipse of Doom
16. Jellyfish
17. Dogs Of War
18. Barbershop
19. Ms. Sweetwater (Skit)
20. Big Girl


And now for what will be the last hip-hop album for a long, long, long, long time. It could have been better but it could also have been much worse. There is plenty to like here but nothing to really amaze.

Ghostface Killah, of Wu-Tang fame, gives us a heavily soul-sampling hip-hop album. And it is in the way soul music is so well sampled here that the album is interesting. The lyrics are often a bit crass (Heart street Directions being a particular example), but the music is often very smartly done.

So it isn't amazing but it is good enough not to give a sour taste for the last hip-hop album on this list. Definitely though hip-hop is past its 90s prime although at the height of its popularity, which is something that seems to happen to all musical genres.

Track Highlights

1. Kilo
2. The Champ
3. Be Easy
4. Beauty Jackson

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

In January 2006, a sampler was released, containing full versions of "Be Easy", "Back Like That", and "Kilo", as well as shortened versions of "Big Girl" and "Charlie Brown". It also included an alternate version of "The Champ". Charlie Brown, which was produced by MF DOOM, contained a sample from Caetano Veloso's "Alfomega" that did not ultimately receive clearance, and the song did not appear on the final album. Similarly, "The Champ" was not cleared and an altered version found its way onto the album.


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