Friday, July 24, 2009

912. Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory (2000)

Track Listing

1. Papercut
2. One Step Closer
3. With You
4. Points Of Authority
5. Crawling
6. Runaway
7. By Myself
8. In the End
9. A Place for My Head
10. Forgotten
11. Cure for the Itch
12. Pushing Me Away


Is there anything worse than Limp Bizkit?


How can something so shit take itself so seriously?

All songs sound the same.

Track Highlights

1. Crawling
2. One Step Closer

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

Four singles were released from the album: "One Step Closer", "Papercut", "In the End", and the Grammy Award-winning "Crawling", which along with "In the End" was responsible for launching Linkin Park into mainstream popularity. At the 2002 Grammy Awards, Hybrid Theory was nominated for Best Rock Album.


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Rod McBan said...

Wow. This is a crap streak not matched since the late 70s. I really, really feel bad for you.