Tuesday, July 14, 2009

903. The Doves - Lost Souls (2000)

Track Listing

1. Firesuite
2. Here It Comes
3. Break Me Gently
4. Sea Song
5. Rise
6. Lost Souls
7. Melody Calls
8. Catch The Sun
9. Man Who Told Everything
10. Cedar Room
11. Reprise
12. House


It is good to see an album coming out of Manchester that has kind of broken free of the whole Brit-Pop thing. Fortunately by now the whole phenomenon was moribund and while some good stuff came out of it (Pulp and Blur) a lot of crap also spawned from it.

The Doves move in a more retroy way. There is a more rockish feel but also a more psychedelic one, this is overall positive. However the album just isn't that amazing. It is perfectly all right but frankly it leaves me a tad cold.

At least they are not Oasis, although there is a clear influence as well as from Suede and even the Manic Street Preachers and the Foo Fighters. In the end it is a competent album that does its job but fails to wow.

Track Highlights

1. The Sea Song
2. Firesuite
3. Catch The Sun
4. The Man Who Told Anything

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

The album was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize in 2000, but lost out to Badly Drawn Boy's The Hour of Bewilderbeast. The band had previously played as Badly Drawn Boy's backing band, having played on the Badly Drawn Boy songs "Pissing in the Wind" and "Disillusion," as well as Badly Drawn Boy's 1999 non-album single "Road Movie.

The Sea Song:

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