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896. Britney Spears - ... Baby One More Time (1999)

Track Listing

1. Baby One More Time
2. You Drive Me Crazy
3. Sometimes
4. Soda Pop
5. Born To Make You Happy
6. From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart
7. I Will Be There
8. I Will Still Love You
9. Deep In My Heart
10. Thinking About You
11. E Mail My Heart
12. Beat Goes On


This is a horrid album for reasons we will see later. However, from the albums it is sandwiched against it is the least annoying of the three. At least she doesn't annoy me as much as Eminem or bore me as much as Metallica's S&M.

That being said the album is still piss poor. The production is beyond shitty with synthesised arrangements which are dismal and would have been dismal a decade earlier. In fact it all sounds a bit Vengaboys if you are just listening to thebeats, if you don't know who the Vengaboys are I envy you.

Britney was clearly produced by song-by-the-mile Swedish people, the same who make songs for shit dance pop bands from America to Japan. The album sounds cheap, unpolished and overly artificial... clearly a recipe for success!

Track Highlights

1. The Beat Goes On
2. ... Baby One More Time
3. Sometimes
4. I Made Porn to Make you Happy

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

The majority of Baby One More Time was recorded and produced in Sweden from November 1997 to June 1998, using Swedish dance-pop producers. Spears' label intended the album to have a distinct pop feel and felt that the dance music produced in Sweden best fit Spears' style and marketability. The album was first released with five snippets of demo songs on January 2, 1998. It was officially released on January 12, 1999 in Canada and the United States, and on March 8, 1999 in the United Kingdom. The cassette had the same cover that was later included in "...Baby One More Time" single booklet, although some editions, like the Australian edition, have an alternate cover picture, a picture of Spears in white, with her hands in a praying gesture. The picture also resembles the cover artwork of Björk's album Debut. The album was then meant to be named just Britney Spears, but due to the debut single success, the title was changed to make the album more recognized in the public.

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