Thursday, June 18, 2009

883. Skunk Anansie - Post Orgasmic Chill (1999)

Track Listing

1. Charlie Big Potato
2. On My Hotel TV
3. We Don't Need Who You Think You Are
4. Tracey's Flaw
5. Skank Heads
6. Lately
7. Secretly
8. Good Things Don't Always Come To You
9. Cheap Honesty
10. You'll Follow Me Down
11. And This Is Nothing That I Thought I Had
12. I'm Not Afraid


A blast from the past. This is more so than other albums of the time because this has been pretty much forgotten in the intervening 10 years... and for good reason. There is really not much to this album, there are a couple of quite interesting tracks and some hit singles but other than that... meh.

It's a middle of the road late 90s rock album which had uncommon success. Probably the most unique thing about it is the presence of Skin, a black female vocalist in a genre dominated by white men. This is reflected in many of the lyrics and it is the thing that sets the album apart and gives it some appeal.

Gender and racial politics aside there is not much musically to set this above plenty of other crap. Still, On My Hotel TV is a genuinely great track influenced by people like the Slits which is pretty good... the singles are mostly tired and lacklustre but still manage to evoke a certain fin-de-siƩcle nostalgia.

Track Highlights

1. On My Hotel TV
2. You Follow Me Down
3. Charlie Big Potato
4. Lately

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

Two album covers exist - the European version with the band lounging in an oceanside apartment, and the American version with the band standing on the Atlantic City boardwalk.

You'll Follow Me Down:

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