Tuesday, June 02, 2009

875. Air - Moon Safari (1998)

Track Listing

1. La Femme D'argent
2. Sexy Boy
3. All I Need
4. Kelly Watch The Stars
5. Talisman
6. Remember
7. You Make It Easy
8. Ce Matin-Là
9. New Star In The Sky
10. Jeanne


Fortunately I never had the pleasure of listening to this album as accompaniment to a dinner party. When I was into this album it was my first year of university, and the greens partaken while listening to it are not usually found in salad. Unfortunately this album has gone down in history as dinner party music.

This is a bit unfair, however, it is not Air's fault that their music was used like that. In fact this album has a lot more to it than background music. Each song is interesting in its own way, there is a constant retro feel to the album, but it is an invented retro that never really existed, which gives it originality.

There is a lot more happening in the music here than in most electronic albums of the time, even daft punk seem a bit shallow in comparison, Air's use of textures and humour and analogic instruments just makes it all the more special. Give it a good listen.

Track Highlights

1. La Femme d'Argent
2. Sexy Boy
3. Talisman
4. All I Need

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

It scored hits with the tracks "Sexy Boy", "Kelly Watch the Stars" and "All I Need" (which features vocals by Beth Hirsch). Moon Safari debuted at number five in the UK album charts mainly due to almost universally glowing reviews by the British music press and the success of the single "Sexy Boy"

Sexy Boy:


Unknown said...

Hi Francisco.

I take advantage of the fact that we're exactly at the same point in the book to leave a message.

Just like you, I run the 1001 albums marathon.

It brings nice discoveries but I admit to be a little bit over rockandrolled at this point and secretly wich to come over it.

I wanted to say that most of the time I disagree with your points of view (you're the guy who gave a poor 4/10 to Miles Davis masterpiece "Bitches Brew": shame on you! or who gives 9 or 10 to completly boring albums) but I like to visit your blog from time to time since it seems to be written in a very honest way.

In fact I take a look to all your 1001... blogs.Question: do you have a day job?

Keep on the good work!

Cheers from France.


Rod McBan said...

I think it's OK that Moon Safari's been pegged as dinner party music. It pretty much seems to have been their goal. Actually, the complete lack of pretension on the first two Air albums is what I really like about them, although I think Talkie Walkie is my favourite. The band are cheeky and vapid and they don't care and damn it I love them for that.

Francisco Silva said...

Sebastien: I write. heh At the moment I am between my Doctorate and Post-Doc. So I work mainly from home at the computer.

Freddy Gipson said...


I was astounded when I first heard this here on your blog. I already like this artist a lot because they remind me of Daft Punk without limiting themselves to "club music" persay. I want to be able to listen to electronica without having to dance and this seems to be exactly what I'm looking for.

While I agree a little with Ben that your criticism is a little harsh I'm glad to see that someone is actually reviewing the music for what it is. While reading this blog it is obvious that you have a love for indie music but that you still make an attempt to like a lot of the mainstream crap despite the fact that it is indeed mainstream crap. Your patience with all of this is remarkable and I should really think about trying my own experiment like this for I have not ventured far enough into the world of music yet.

I am so glad I stumbled across your blog and I'm looking forward to reading your other 1001 blogs as well. Cheers.

~Freddy Gipson