Monday, June 15, 2009

881. Suba - Sao Paulo Confessions (1999)

Track Listing

1. Tantos Desejos
2. Voce Gosta
3. Na Neblina
4. Segredo
5. Antropofagos
6. Felicidade
7. Um Dia Comum (Em SP)
8. Sereia
9. Samba Do Gringo Paulista
10. Abraco
11. A Noite Sem Fim
12. Pecados Da Madrugada


Just to let you know that Sao in the title of this album actually has a tilde over the a, but as I am using a British keyboard and can't be bothered figuring out the code for tilded a I am writing Sao. Now that that all important fact is out of the way let's get to reviewing.

So here's is some chill out music with a Brazilian beat. Nice. And that is about all that can be said about this album. If you are new to the kind of rhythms used here it might actually be interesting for you, if not... meh.

Being Portuguese myself and being aware of Brazilian music from a very early age none of this is particularly mind-blowing. This is particularly true because Bossa Nova/Electronic music has become its own musical genre by know with varying degrees of success. So it doesn't sound fresh, or innovative or anything really. It is, however quite "nice" in the sense that it doesn't annoy you in any particular way. That's good... I suppose.

Track Highlights

1. Felicidade
2. Samba do Gringo Paulista
3. Antropofagos
4. Voce Gosta

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

Core musicians on the album are then 21-year old vocalist Cibelle, and veteran percussionist João Parahyba; additional musicians include mangue band Mestre Ambrosio, and guitarists Roberto Frejat, Edgar Scandurra, and Andre Geraissatti, and vocalists Katia B., Taciana, Joana Jones and Arnaldo Antunes.


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