Wednesday, April 29, 2009

850. Cornershop - When I Was Born For the 7th Time (1997)

Track Listing

1. Sleep On The Left Side
2. Brimful Of Asha
3. Butter The Soul
4. Chocolat
5. We're In Your Corner
6. Funky Days Are Back Again
7. What Is Happening?
8. When The Light Appears Boy
9. Coming Up
10. Good Shit
11. Good To Be On The Road Back Home Again
12. It's Indian Tobacco My Friend
13. Candyman
14. State Troopers
15. Norwegian Wood


Cornershop bring an interesting new element to British electronica and pop, inspired by their Indian ancestry they use the drones which are part of the music of the subcontinent as a base for exploring pop, electronica and rock.

Although at times it might sound Beatle-like, which is quite self-conscious as you can see from the cover of Norwegian Wood, it is still original in the way it is coming to Indian music from the opposite direction.

Cornershop get the accessible pop songs out of the way in the first two tracks and then they let themselves explore and experiment with pretty interesting sounds and mix their music with stuff as out of context as country music. So yeah, very enjoyable stuff.

Track Highlights

1. Brimful of Asha
2. Sleep on the Left Side
3. Good To Be On The Road Back Home Again
4. Norwegian Wood

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

Featured on the album is the international hit single, "Brimful of Asha." The song "Candyman" was used in a Nike commercial featuring LeBron James. The song "Good Shit" was featured in an commercial for Target with the chorus being altered to read "Good Stuff..."

Fatboy Slim's remix of Brimful of Asha:

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