Wednesday, April 29, 2009

849. The Divine Comedy - A Short Album About Love (1997)

Track Listing

1. In Pursuit of Happiness
2. Everybody Knows (except you)
3. Someone
4. If...
5. If I Were You (i'd be through with me)
6. Timewatching
7. I'm All You Need


I have a problem with The Divine Comedy, the problem is that they remind me so much of musicians that I love such as Scott Walker and David Ackles they I like them by association more than because of the music itself.

This short album is another example of this. The David Ackles influence is more to the forefront here, and it is a pretty good album, but it has been done and in a better way before.

So I find the album very enjoyable but really if I want to listen to it I might put something else on. This is actually quite sad because I'd really like to love it. But hey, I just like it.

Track Highlights

1. If I Were You (i'd be through with me)
2. In Pursuit of Happiness
3. Everybody Knows (except you)
4. If...

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

The middle eight of "In Pursuit Of Happiness" was subsequently adopted as the theme for the TV series Tomorrow's World . The original version was used for one season of the show, with a specially-recorded version being substituted thereafter.

Everybody Knows (except you):

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