Monday, December 15, 2008

762. Sabres of Paradise - Haunted Dancehall (1994)

Track Listing

1. Bubble And Slide
2. Bubble And Slide II
3. Duke Of Earlsfield
4. Flight Path Estate
5. Planet D
6. Wilmot
7. Tow Truck
8. Theme
9. Theme 4
10. Return To Planet D
11. Ballad Of Nicky McGuire
12. Jacob Street 7am
13. Chapel Street Market 9am
14. Haunted Dancehall


Snore. If you are not a genius of the Brian Eno or Aphex Twin level it is very hard to make a compelling album of instrumental ambient music that can be listened to for pleasure instead of a trip-enhancer. This album doesn't quite get there.

First it is very long, 72 minutes of this is about half an hour more than it needed to be, secondly it is just not that interesting. Very repetitive, with a couple of quite good tracks. Still, it's better than the William Orbit album we had here recently.

The sound of this album is interesting in the way that it is quite dark in feeling, however it is never good enough to sustain your interest for the running time of it, hell even half the running time. I will never put this on for pleasure, maybe if I am tripping on something... otherwise let it be.

Track Highlights

1. Wilmot
2. Bubble and Slide II
3. Theme 4
5. Planet D

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

The Sabres of Paradise was an experimental group from the UK, active in the early 1990s, whose roots were in the acid house scene but later produced more dub-inspired work. Their albums Haunted Dancehall and Sabresonic II contained no vocals whatsoever. Andrew Weatherall formed the group and was joined by engineers Jagz Kooner and Gary Burns, and were responsible for the legendary Sabresonic warehouse raves. The group dissolved in 1995, but continued their music careers. Weatherall who teamed up with Keith Tenniswood AKA Radioactive Man went on to form the Two Lone Swordsmen, and Kooner and Burns went on to form The Aloof.


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