Wednesday, July 30, 2008

645. The Young Gods - L'Eau Rouge (1989)

Track Listing

1. La Fille De La Mort
2. Rue Des Tempetes
3. L'Eau Rouge
4. Charlotte
5. Longue Route
6. Crier Les Chiens
7. Ville Notre
8. Les Enfants
9. L'Amourir
10. Pas Mal


Swiss Industrial music has been breaking sales records for decades, you turn on MTV and you seem to get nothing but. Kids walk about with gold cuckoo clocks on chains, there's a cheese fondue shop in every corner of every city. Well... there isn't but if there was what a weird and wonderful world it would be.

Mainly weird, and that is a good descriptive as any for this album, Orchestral loops married to drums and accordions coupled with a gruff voice mixing Tom Waits with Einstruzende Neubaten and hard rock and French lyrics. So, are you getting an idea of the album? Well you probably have to listen to it.

It isn't, like with most heavily experimental albums, the most pleasant thing to listen through, but it never stops being intriguing. And it is this intriguing factor that is its main strength but also a bit of a problem, making it sound a bit novelty at times... still a perfectly good album.

Track Highlights

1. La Fille De La Mort
2. L'Amourir
3. Charlotte
4. Rue Des Tempetes

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

The band's lineup has generally consisted of a vocalist, a sampler operator and a drummer. Their instrumentation often includes sampled electric guitars, drums, keyboards, and other samples. The lyrics are a mix of English, French and a bit of German.

Their name is taken from an early EP by the no wave/industrial rock band Swans.

Artists influenced by The Young Gods include Mike Patton, Sepultura, The Edge (as stated in U2 by U2), Devin Townsend, Econoline Crush and David Bowie; asked in 1995 if his album Outside was influenced by Nine Inch Nails, he answered: "No. I was influenced by a Swiss band called The Young Gods."


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