Sunday, July 13, 2008

628. k. d. Lang - Shadowland (1988)

Track Listing

1. Western Stars
2. Lock Stock And Teardrops
3. Sugar Moon
4. I Wish I Didn't Love You So
5. Once Again Around The Dance Floor
6. Black Coffee
7. Shadowland
8. Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes
9. Tears Don't Care Who Cry Them
10. I'm Down To My Last Cigarette
11. Too Busy Being Blue
12. In The Evening (When The Sun Goes Down)/You Nearly Lose Your Mind/Blues Stay Away From Me


k.d lang has a really great voice, and here she uses it before her talents were used mainly for torch songs. She is at her country music best here, and it isn't pure country, there is plenty of jazz influence as well.

So imagine swingy country and you will get a kind of perspective on what is happening here. Lang is better know for being a lesbian than anything else, but here you can really tell how unfair that is, she is a great singer indeed, and sometimes you can get sidetracked by things that have nothing to do with the art.

So, if you like Country, this is an approapriately retro but with a great twist album, with a truly great voice to it. I repeat, great voice.

Track Highlights

1. Once Again Around The Dance Floor
2. Sugar Moon
3. Black Coffee
4. I'm Down To My Last Cigarette

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From Wikipedia:

The album included her collaboration with Kitty Wells, Loretta Lynn and Brenda Lee on "Honky Tonk Angels' Medley" and was produced by Owen Bradley, who produced Patsy Cline's best-known work.

Sugar Moon:

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