Tuesday, July 15, 2008

630. Morrissey - "Viva Hate" (1988)

Track Listing

1. Alsatian Cousin
2. Little Man, What Now?
3. Everyday Is Like Sunday
4. Bengali In Platforms
5. Angel, Angel, Down We Go Together
6. Late Night, Maudlin Street
7. Suedehead
8. Break Up The Family
9. Hairdresser on Fire
10. Ordinary Boys
11. I Don't Mind If You Forget Me
12. Dial-A-Cliché
13. Margaret on the Guillotine


Not the worse album by Morrissey/Smiths but also not the best. Losing Johnny Marr and going solo is a pretty bad thing, Marr was really what gave The Smiths most of its quality. Getting Vini Reilly of Durutti Column fame is a good replacement but still...

There are a couple of good tracks here, but then Morrissey annoys me so much with his whole "self-pity" shtick that some of the tracks I can't take. There is also really no need to stretch Late Night, Maudlin Street to almost 8 minutes.

So a big blah to Morrissey and his pretentious emo crap, with a little disclaimer that there are some good songs here, Everyday is Like Sunday and Suedehead being those... with maybe Hairdresser on Fire being another one. Other than that I don't really rate it.

Track Highlights

1. Everyday is Like Sunday
2. Suedehead
3. Hairdresser on Fire
4. Alsatian Cousin

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

The album was released a mere six months after The Smiths' final album, Strangeways Here We Come. The title predicts the content as Morrissey's lyrics are sardonic and filled with invective, while some of the tracks deal with the harshness of the breakup of The Smiths.

The album was produced by Stephen Street and most of the arrangements were by Vini Reilly of The Durutti Column. Reilly's distinctive style is evident throughout the entire album, especially in tracks such as Late Night, Maudlin Street and Bengali In Platforms. The record remains one of his best known recordings as a musician.

Everyday is like Sunday, where Morrissey pontificates a little bit more on themes on the lines of "Meat is Murder" although it has fuck all to do with the song:


Unknown said...

It's a shame there are no Durutti Column albums on this list.

It's more of a shame that the Durutti Column have few-to-no releases available in the States.

Francisco Silva said...

Matt: Fortunately the internet solves that quite appalling problem.

Matthew said...

Good idea.

I'd like to reimburse him for his work in some form, though.

I wonder if he accepts personal checks.

luxorissa said...

como faço para baixar este cd?