Friday, July 11, 2008

626. Dinosaur Jr. - Bug (1988)

Track Listing

1. Freak Scene
2. No Bones
3. They Always Come
4. Yeah We Know
5. Let It Ride
6. Pond Song
7. Budge
8. Post
9. Don't


This is another one of those albums that grows on you, but not enough to make it great. It just isn't as good as You're Living All Over Me and that is a shame, because I really liked that album. Nonetheless there are some great tracks here, although none is greater than the opening track.

Some other tracks are a bit pointless, such as the noise fest that closes the album, Don't just feels pretty out of place in an album that has a quite homogeneous sound. Still, it is quite good, not going over quite unfortunately.

At times it also seems to be repeating the same formula of their previous album too much, and you never want lack of innovation in a new album by a band you like, you want to see them grow as a band, and Dinosaur Jr. clearly had done all their growing by this time... a pity.

Track Highlights

1. Freak Scene
2. Pond Song
3. No Bones
4. The Post

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

It was the last Dinosaur Jr album before bassist Lou Barlow was fired from the band.

Freak Scene:

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