Monday, July 28, 2008

643. fIREHOSE - fROMOHIO (1989)

Track Listing

1. Riddle of the Eighties
2. In My Mind
3. Whisperin' While Hollerin'
4. Vastopol
5. Mas Cojones
6. What Gets Heard
7. Let the Drummer Have Some
8. Liberty for Our Friend
9. Time with You
10. If'n
11. Some Things
12. Understanding
13. 'Nuf That Shit, George
14. Softest Hammer


No, I didn't have caps lock on when I wrote the title above, the book doesn't reflect it, but that's how you are supposed to write it. fIREHOSE have its most famous member in Mike Watt from Minutemen, but if you are expecting Minutemen part II here, you might be disappointed.

Fortunately, it is still a good album, but in a very different style, firstly it is much more of a country folk affair than the Minutemen, but there are elements remaining, like the fact that the songs are quite short and sweet and the lyrics are pretty good.

I like this, it isn't as earth shattering or sprawling as Minutemen, but it is still pretty interesting, and Mike Watt does not the whole band make. Hurley from the Minutemen is here as well as is a new guitarist, Ed Crawford who is one of the highlights of the album, some of the guitar work is lovely, sparse, this isn't Iron Maiden, but beautiful stuff. Recommended.

Track Highlights

1. What Gets Heard
2. Riddle Of The Eighties
3. Mas Cojones
4. Liberty For Our Friend

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

Mike Watt has since been involved in many musical projects, including Dos, solo work and the Unknown Instructors with George Hurley as well as his radio show (Watt From Pedro Show). Ed Crawford has also ventured on his own musical projects, as well as played with Grand National (not the UK band) and Whiskeytown. Mike Watt, raised in San Pedro, California since 1967, still resides there. George Hurley, originally from San Pedro as well, resides in North Carolina, along with Ed Crawford.

In My Mind followed by Whisperin' while Hollerin' and Mas Cojones:

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