Wednesday, January 30, 2008

479. Siouxsie and the Banshees - Juju (1981)

Track Listing

1. Spellbound
2. Into The Light
3. Arabian Knights
4. Halloween
5. Monitor
6. Night Shift
7. Sin In My Heart
8. Head Cut
9. Voodoo Dolly


Again Siouxsie and her mates dazzle us with their dark post-punk stylings. Goodie for us. I really like Siouxsie, deeper and more interesting than most Goth music it deserves to be in the pantheon of Post-Punk together with all the great bands of this period.

That said this album is marginally less interesting than The Scream, it isn't as experimental and is taking the band into a poppier direction. This does make for some great sing along songs, of which the first track is a perfect example and is exponentially more danceable than The Scream for the same reasons.

So this is still after all a pretty amazing album, with some really nifty tracks, the experimentalism is more present in the second half, such as in Voodoo Dolly, but the great highlights here are the really catchy tracks of the first half, the first three tracks are just heaven for example.

Track Highlights

1. Spellbound
2. Arabian Knights
3. Into The Light
4. Halloween

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

After the electronic bent of their last album, Siouxsie & the Banshees returned to a more guitar-based sound for their fourth album Juju, due to the now-official new Banshees guitarist, John McGeoch. Released by Polydor Records in 1981, this album also featured prominently, for the first time, the intricate percussion work of band member Budgie.


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