Sunday, January 20, 2008

469. Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden (1980)

Track Listing

1. Prowler
2. Sanctuary
3. Remember Tomorrow
4. Running Free
5. Phantom Of The Opera
6. Transylvania
7. Strange World
8. Charlotte The Harlot
9. Iron Maiden


Ir0n M4id3n 4r3 l33t!

4m4zing3st 4lbum 3v3rs!

Well better than Judas Priest anyways.

Track Highlights

1. Phantom Of The Opera
2. Running Free
3. Prowler
4. Iron Maiden

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

This was the only album produced by Will Malone, who lacked interest in the project and allowed the band to produce most of the album themselves. The band (especially Steve Harris) criticised the quality of the production, but many fans like the raw, almost punk-like sound to the songs. This was also the only studio album for guitarist Dennis Stratton, who left a short time after the album was released. He was replaced by Adrian Smith. "Transylvania" is a well known instrumental piece by the band which was composed by founder and bassist Steve Harris. The song was covered by Iced Earth on the album Horror Show. "Strange World" tells of a dystopian society, where people never grow old. Amongst other things the narrator (singer) laments how "smiling faces [are] ever so rare". Meanwhile, "Charlotte the Harlot" is the first of four Iron Maiden songs which make reference to the fictional prostitute 'Charlotte'. The 7-minute epic "Phantom of the Opera" remains a fan favourite, and is still performed at many Maiden concerts, while live performances of "Iron Maiden" often signal the entrance of band mascot Eddie onto the stage.

Phantom Of The Opera:


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the description you wrote for that Chic album... big night before?

Francisco Silva said...

yes, that and the fact it was around 6 in the morning when I wrote it.

Bola Oito said...


Amazing band, great record!

Keep up the good work, you do have interested people in this side.