Tuesday, January 15, 2008

464. Killing Joke - Killing Joke (1980)

Track Listing

1. Requiem
2. War Dance
3. Tomorrows World
4. Bloodsport
5. Wait
6. Complications
7. So 36
8. Primitive


Killing Joke seems to be marrying the genres of post-punk and Metal into a cohesive sound, and that they do in a way that is so influential that they sound almost like many other bands that came after them, but still they are one of the best of the bunch.

The music is instilled with a darkness and a driving beat all of its own that makes this album very interesting in itself. It is clearly coming out of stuff like PiL but making it much harder and almost metal in the way it sounds, just look at Complications or The Wait.

In the end the album pleases but doesn't astound but it is one of the template for industrial rock music and you could hardly have Nine Inch Nails without this template so their place is very well deserved on the list.

Track Highlights

1. Requiem
2. Wardance
3. Bloodsport
4. The Wait

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

Killing Joke influenced many later bands, such as Nirvana, Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, Napalm Death, Big Black, Prong, Metallica, Jane's Addiction, Soundgarden, Foo Fighters, Econoline Crush, Faith No More and Korn, all of whom have at some point cited some debt of gratitude to 'The Joke'.


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Anonymous said...

Personally, i found Night Time much better, with songs like 'Love Like Blood' on it.