Friday, March 19, 2010

1097 - Mojo 116. Flat Earth Society - Waleeco (1968)

Track Listing

1. Feelin' Much Better
2. Midnight Hour
3. I'm So Happy
4. When You're There
5. Four & Twenty Miles
6. Prelude for the Town Monk
7. Shadows
8. Dark Street Downtown
9. Portrait in Grey
10. In My Window
11. Satori


Well, current news first: Alex Chilton died recently which is a real shame, and has also made me think that I should really retrospectively raise the grade I gave to Big Star's #1 Record from 8 to 9, still not as great as Third but definitely above the water mark of 8 (which is where things don't go into my iPod).

Back to today's album then, more psych, and despite some interesting elements it isn't really that amazingly original or new. What I would take as particularly innovative or different here is a prevading eastern influence which instead of deriving from Indian sources as is the case in so much psych, derives from Japanese music.

That is not enough to carry the album through, however, and while it is all prefectly good it never amazes, really. So yeah, an enjoyable listen but not really essential listening for anyone... although I really like the Mojo list they are a bit snobbish in the way they sometimes care more for musical rarity than actual greatness... it leads to great discoveries and some slightly disappointing listens.

Track Highlights

1. When You're There
2. Satori
3. Portrait in Grey
4. Feelin' Much Better

Final Grade



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Midnight hour:

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