Wednesday, March 17, 2010

1096 - Mojo 111. Tom Rush - The Circle Game (1968)

Track Listing

1. Tin Angel
2. Something In The Way She Moves
3. Urge For Going
4. Sunshine Sunshine
5. The Glory Of Love
6. Shadow Dream Song
7. The Circle Game
8. So Long
9. Rockport Sunday
10. No Regrets


This album is actually more important for the great songwriters it introduced the world to than as an album itself. Here we can see the first album examples of songs by Jackson Browne, James Taylor and even Joni Mitchell. If only for this the album more than deserves its place in history.

However, and there is an however, the album is not as amazing as it could have been. All of the songwriters mentioned above would eventually do better things with their own songs. It really shines, however in Rush's own tracks, and it shows a really discerning eye to have picked up all of these amazing writers.

So it isn't really the best album in the world, but it is definitely one which is of great historical importance for the music of the late 20th century. As such it is an essential addition to any musical library.

Track Highlights

1. Something in the Way She Moves
2. Circle Game
3. Shadow Dream Song
4. No Regrets

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

The songs follow the cycle of a relationship from its beginning to an end, according to the lyric content and sequencing of songs. Joni Mitchell's "The Circle Game," recorded prior to her own release of the song, can be read as the turning point of the relationship while "Rockport Sunday" ends the romance using an instrumental piece, followed by the coda "No Regrets." Supporting this concept is the cover shot, which pictures then girlfriend Jill Lumpkin behind Tom Rush as photographed by Linda Eastman.

Circle Game:

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