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1090. Mojo Special 17. George Duning - Picnic Original Soundtrack (1956)

Track Listing

1. Love Theme
2. Hal's Theme
3. Owens Family
4. Flo and Madge
5. Love Theme from "Picnic" - Picnic
6. Moonglow
7. It's a Blue World-Torn Shirt (Pt. 1)
8. Torn Shirt /Hal's Turmoil [Concluded]
9. Rosemary Pleads/Rosemary Alone
10. Culmination/Hal's Escape
11. That Owens Girl/Millie
12. You Love Me/Madge Decides


Well this is a soundtrack by the prolific George Duning which became quite famous because of the love theme... that being said it is really not an amazing soundtrack... in fact it sounds quite nondescript for the most part.

Fully instrumental it sounds like what you'd expect to find in a mid 50s romance film and it is what it is. There are much better soundtracks coming up on this list however, and we'll just have to wait.

That's about it, really.

Track Highlights

1. Love Theme

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

"Theme from Picnic" is a popular song, originated in the 1956 movie Picnic. It is often referred to simply as "Picnic".

The music was written by George Duning, and the lyrics were written by Steve Allen. The song was published in 1956.

Many of the popular versions of the song in 1956 were medleys of the song with "Moonglow," though a recording of the song alone by The McGuire Sisters was also a hit. One of the medleys was done by Morris Stoloff and the Columbia Pictures Orchestra, and another by George Cates and his Orchestra, which was also a major hit of that year.

Love Theme:

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