Thursday, May 29, 2008

583. Anita Baker - Rapture (1986)

Track Listing

1. Sweet Love
2. You Bring Me Joy
3. Caught Up In The Rapture
4. Been So Long
5. Mystery
6. No One In The World
7. Same Ole Love
8. Watch Your Step


Were you ever at home sitting in front of the TV with your nipple clamps on, a box of Kleenex in front of you and a jar of lube in your hand when suddenly you stop and ask yourself: What is this lovely song gracing this so tasteful early 90's American soft core film?

No?... Neither did I... but it might have been some track from this Anita Baker album, that even if it does have a couple of not bad tracks feels more like a soundtrack to porn in parts than anything else. We have an expression in the old country "Musica de ir ao cu devagarinho", a rough translation of it would be "Music to be buggered to, slowly".

That said there are two good tracks here, and they are the famous singles as well, surprise, surprise. Sweet Love and Same Ole Love aren't bad, and in fact the whole album isn't bad, it is just covered in such a sheen of 80's commercialism (synths, flamenco guitars and that soft approach),that it feels like a lost opportunity and is best left alone.

Track Highlights

1. Same Ole Love
2. Sweet Love
3. Caught Up In The Rapture
4. Watch Your Step

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

Rapture was the breakout 1986 album for Rhythm and blues singer Anita Baker earning her two Grammy Awards in 1987. The album's first track, "Sweet Love" was a Billboard hit in addition to winning the Grammy. The success of Rapture (her second album) and "Sweet Love" brought well-deserved widespread attention to Baker. The album has sold over five million copies.

Same Ole Love:

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