Friday, May 16, 2008

570. Nanci Griffith - Last Of The true Believers (1986)

Track Listing

1. Last of the True Believers
2. Love at the Five and Dime
3. St. Olav's Gate
4. More Than a Whisper
5. Banks of the Pontchartrain
6. Looking for the Time (Workin' Girl)
7. Goin' Gone
8. One of These Days
9. Love's Found a Shoulder
10. Fly by Night
11. Wing and the Wheel


A bit of country comes back on the list now, and thank god for that. This is a pretty good album, one of the first alt country albums mixing folk and country into something different and yet very appealing.

The tracks are all great, Nanci's voice is very much country but the songs sound quite distinct from most other country that we have had up until now, they sound more mature, more literate and quite beautiful.

This is not outlaw country or sappy, it's proper singer-songwriter country music, and it is heads above most of the music of this year, it takes a little bit to sink in, as you get past the country sound of the thing and start get more deeply into the music, but it is very rewarding when you do.

Track Highlights

1. Last of the True Believers
2. Love At The Five And Dime
3. Banks Of The Pontchatrain
4. One Of These Days

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

The photograph on the album cover contains several references to the album's songs. A couple can be seen behind Griffith dancing in front of a Woolworth's store as described in "Love at the Five and Dime." The male dancer is Lyle Lovett who also appears on the album as a vocalist. Another couple can be seen apparently acting out a scene from "Lookin' for the Time" as the man, John T. Davis, a journalist and music historian, is pointing at his empty wrist.

As with other Nanci Griffith albums she is pictured holding books by and/or about southern writers. On the front cover she is holding a copy of The Kindness of Strangers: The Life of Tennessee Williams by Donald Spoto. On the album's back cover she is clutching Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry.

Last of the True Believers, look for Lyle Lovett on backup:

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