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582. Bad Brains - I Against I (1986)

Track Listing

1. Intro
2. I Against I
3. House Of Suffering
4. Re-Ignition
5. Secret 77
6. Let Me Help
7. She's Calling You
8. Sacred Love
9. Hired Gun
10. Return To Heaven


This is a strange album, if you can think of a Metal/Hardcore/Reggae/Funk album then this is it. That should make it pretty interesting, and it does indeed, but interesting isn't enough to sustain interest in it for more than a couple of listen throughs.

I am told from a good source (Hi Adam, enjoy Primavera Sound) that this isn't their best album, and I can well imagine. It is still interesting to have metaly hardcore being sung in a very Rasta voice, this is particularly present in the best track of the album, Re-Ignition.

So, an interesting album which is more here due to concept than actual end results, it is perfectly listenable if you are into heavyish stuff but it just does not blow you away.

Track Highlighs

1. Re-Ignition
2. I Against I
3. Sacred Love
4. Return To Heaven

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

The title I Against I presumably refers to a common Rastafarian phrase, I and I, which is used in place of the first-person plural (i.e. we) in order to signify the union of the speaker, audience, and Jah (God) in love and peace.

It is interesting to note that the vocals to "Sacred Love" were recorded over the phone from prison, while H.R. was serving time on a marijuana distribution charge.

There is song collaboration of Massive Attack and Mos Def with the same name, and another by Jedi Mind Tricks.

I Against I:

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