Wednesday, May 21, 2008

576. Slayer - Reign In Blood (1986)

Track Listing

1. Angel Of Death
2. Piece By Piece
3. Necrophobic
4. Altar Of Sacrifice
5. Jesus Saves
6. Criminally Insane
7. Reborn
8. Epidemic
9. Postmortem
10. Raining Blood


More thrash metal! Hell yeah. But, actually, bear with me, Slayer are actually not that bad, firstly they are much less tacky than Metallica or Megadeth, then they are fucking fast, and then the album is mercifully short lasting for less than 30 minutes.

Why listen to Master Of Puppets if you can listen to Slayer, take half the time to do it, have more tracks and just as many notes? The speed is what makes this album more worthy, it is almost like Hardcore Punk Metal, the songs go for under 3 minutes in most cases, distilling pure anger into the tracks.

This is still not to say that I enjoyed it, but I could see a lot more to like here than in previous thrash albums here, it is also much heavier than anything on this list before, it pounds like a pillaging barbarian in a particularly bad mood.

Track Highlights

1. Raining Blood
2. Angel Of Death
3. Necrophobic
4. Postmortem

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

Reign in Blood is regarded by critics as one of the most influential and extreme thrash metal albums. In its "Greatest Metal Bands Of All Time" poll, MTV praised Slayer's "downtuned rhythms, infectious guitar licks, graphically violent lyrics and grisly artwork", which they stated "set the standard for dozens of emerging thrash bands", while "Slayer's music was directly responsible for the rise of death metal". MTV described Reign in Blood as essential listening, and the album was ranked number 7 on IGN's "Top 25 influential Metal Albums"

Raining Blood:

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Anonymous said...

hahaha. i know at least fifteen people who believe this is the best record ever (and NO, i am NOT into metal).