Friday, April 25, 2008

561. New Order - Low-Life (1985)

Track Listing

1. Love Vigilantes
2. Perfect Kiss
3. This Time of Night
4. Sunrise
5. Elegia
6. Sooner Than You Think
7. Subculture
8. Face Up


Like Joy Division after a rest cure and a massive dosage of Prozac, New Order brings us 80s dance music that is actually cool. And not many people can do that. To the grave with Ian Curtis went the gothic elements of New Order, all in all it was a bad loss, New Order were never as good as Joy Division.

On the other hand not much is as good as Joy Division, and New Order are able to provide very good music indeed. Probably not to the exact same audience, however, New Order is most definitely pumped up music.

The fact that this is pumped up dancy music does not mean that there aren't moments of extreme lyrical beauty in the album however, the instrumental Elegia is one of those. In general a pretty great album by one of the best and most influential bands in my adopted hometown of Manchester.

Track Highlights

1. Love Vigilantes
2. Elegia
3. The Perfect Kiss
4. Sunrise

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

The album's artwork is the only New Order release to feature photographs of the band members on its sleeve. On most issues, drummer/keyboardist Stephen Morris is on the front cover. Some re-releases, including the 1993 London Records CD, feature four photographs inside the case and a semi-transparent piece of paper with the band's name on. Owners can choose which band member is seen through the sleeve.

Elegia in an Academy Award nominated short film by Mark Osborne, More:


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"oh how I can not bear the thought of you" Great Album

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