Wednesday, April 02, 2008

538. Prince - Purple Rain (1984)

Track Listing

1. Let's Go Crazy
2. Take Me With U
3. Beautiful Ones
4. Computer Blue
5. Darling Nikki
6. When Doves Cry
7. I Would Die 4 U
8. Baby I'm A Star
9. Purple Rain


Many people consider this to be the best soundtrack album of all times, and if we are speaking of pop music soundtracks specifically written for a film I would have to agree. This also stands on its own as one of the best Prince albums, period.

All the tracks here are pretty interesting, Prince gives us layer and layers of sound, he makes something interesting with each single track, and the album is so well paced that it really goes by in a flash. This is particularly true of the title track which lasts 9 minutes, but never drags and you could happily keep listening.

It is hard to imagine that when I was a kid there were Michael Jackson fans disputing with Prince fans... really there is no kind of comparison, this is actually very intelligent music, made by a true artist albeit a slightly misguided one.

Track Highlights

1. Purple Rain
2. When Doves Cry
3. Darling Nikki
4. Computer Blue

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

Purple Rain regularly is ranked among the best albums in music history. Time Magazine in 1993 ranked it the 15th greatest album of all time, and it placed 18th on VH1's list of The Greatest Rock´n Roll Albums of All Time. Rolling Stone Magazine ranked it 72nd greatest album of all time and Zounds Magazine 18th greatest album of all time. The album was 4th in Plásticos y Decibelios list The Greatest Albums of All Time. In 2007, the editors of Vanity Fair labeled it the best soundtrack of all time and by Tempo Magazine it was named greatest album of 1980s

Prince hates all his fans, so here you go:

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