Saturday, April 19, 2008

555. Suzanne Vega - Suzanne Vega (1985)

Track Listing

1. Cracking
2. Freeze Tag
3. Marlene On The Wall
4. Small Blue Thing
5. Straight Lines
6. Undertow
7. Some Journey
8. The Queen & The Soldier
9. Knight Moves
10. Neighborhood Girls


Fucking brilliant, that's what is it. We've been missing a really good folky here and Vega bring it back to us in strength. Her tracks are so strong, so determined, so well written that I can't help but love her.

This is a huge refreshment from the 80's crap that goes on, common denominator it isn't.

When the Iraq war started all I posted on my Livejournal was The Queen and the Soldier, that's how powerful it is.

Track Highlights

1. The Queen And The Soldier
2. Marlene on the Wall
3. Small Blue Thing
4. The Knight Moves

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

Vega's debut album, Suzanne Vega, was released in 1985 and was well received by critics in the U.S.; it reached platinum status in the United Kingdom. Produced by Lenny Kaye, Steve Addabbo and Steven Miller, the songs feature Vega's acoustic guitar in straightforward arrangements. Vega's writing often featured vignettes of characters and even inanimate objects, such as in "Small Blue Thing". A video was released for the album's song "Marlene on the Wall", which went into MTV and VH1's rotations. During this period Vega also wrote lyrics for two songs on Songs from Liquid Days by composer Philip Glass.

The Queen and the Soldier followed by The World Before Colombus:

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Lachlan Willis said...

This is the first 10/10 you've given in a while, so i decided to pick this one up. Thanks for the insight, because i'm really liking this, it's really in that vein of Leonard Cohen, great lyrics, great guitar playing.