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542. Echo and the Bunnymen - Ocean Rain (1984)

Track Listing

1. Silver
2. Nocturnal Me
3. Crystal Days
4. Yo Yo Man
5. Thorn of Crowns
6. Killing Moon
7. Seven Seas
8. My Kingdom
9. Ocean Rain


This is the best Echo and the Bunnymen album out of all of them, it is also the last of their great albums. This is definitely the peak of that career, and that is enough to tell you how good it is.

The album also has what is probably their most famous song in the great Killing Moon, the rest of the album is equally amazing, it definitely has more of a Goth mood than their previous albums, particularly with its lush arrangements, which even if they could easily have sounded tacky, really don't and work brilliantly in the context of the album.

The lyrics are again a mix of pretentiousness and nonsense, and it is particularly fun when you when you get the lyrics like: "c-c-c-cucumber, c-c-c-cabbage, c-c-c-cauliflower"... priceless. But it is a masterpiece, the masterpiece of Echo and the Bunnymen... essential.

Track Highlights

1. Killing Moon
2. Ocean Rain
3. My Kingdom
4. Silver

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

The album was reissued with remastered sound and several bonus tracks in 2003. The bonus tracks include "Angels and Devils", the b-side of the "Silver" single, five tracks (11-15) from a taped live session in July 1983 at the Liverpool Cathedral for the "Play at Home - Life at Brian's" TV program, and two tracks (16-17) from "A Crystal Day", a live concert in Liverpool in May 1984.

Killing Moon:

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