Friday, March 27, 2009

823. Fun Lovin' Criminals - Come Find Yourself (1996)

Track Listing

1. The fun lovin' criminal
2. Passive/aggressive
3. The grave and the constant
4. Scooby snacks
5. Smoke 'em
6. Bombin' the L
7. I can't get with that
8. King of New York
9. We have all the time in the world
10. Bear hug
11. Come find yourself
12. Crime and punishment
13. Methadonia


If there is one thing to say about the Fun Lovin' Criminals it is that they can be quite fun, if there are two things, the second would be that they are also not that great. I mean I get where they are coming from, trying to be the new Beastie Boys with a more chilled mood, but they are not nearly as good.

There's a great track here, Scooby Snacks, a song which I have heard countless times and am still not tired of, a feat in itself, and it has also stood the test of time quite well.

Other than that, the lyrics are often funny, but not hilarious, the samples are occasionally interesting but never fascinating, and the album is digestible but not scrumptious.

Track Highlights

1. Scooby Snacks
2. King of New York
3. Methadonia
4. Smoke 'Em

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

In an interview on UK television, the lead singer Huey explained that 'Scooby Snacks' in this case were diazepam (Valium) tablets allowing bank robbers to be so cool.

Scooby Snacks:


Uncle E said...

So why the 8 out of ten, then. Don't get me wrong, your review is SPOT ON, but does it really warrant an 8? I'm curious what your method for arriving at your score is.
I really enjoy your blog, though, I think your analysis are well thought out and intelligent. Good on ya.

Francisco Silva said...

the scoring system is like this:

10 - Perfect
9 - not perfect but I liked it enough to put it on my ipod.
8- Not good enough for the ipod, but won't mind listening to it if anyone puts it on.
7- Ok
6- didn't really get much from listening to this.
5- neutral.
4- bad
3- worse
2- terrible
1- no one gets one because at least they put the effort in. Unless they don't.

In actuality anything below nine I'll probably never listen to again. I have often considered quitting numbers completely, because honestly they almost always come up in 7 to 10, as this is a list of good albums, not random shit off the street. The Fun lovin's have a fun album which isn't great, hence the 8. Still if it was a 5 star thing it would probably get a 3.

Jac said...

It would really be a 6/10 if you would only give it 3 stars, so the 8 don't make a lot of sense - for something that is barely above an average - 6 seems fair to me - but each to their own - your blog is hugely entertaining.

Can I ask why you stopped the movies at Dog Star Man? If bored of chronology why not go from more recent and work backwards until you get to where you left off?

I love these 1001 lists - think they are becoming an obsession, I am up to 822 albums, 244 films and 84 songs, 13 TV Shows, 5 Comics - I am not completing the books and games, but have copies of them still! Maybe one day.