Thursday, March 26, 2009

822. Barry Adamson - Oedipus Schmoedipus (1996)

Track Listing

1. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Pelvis
2. Something Wicked This Way Comes
3. The Vibes Ain't Nothin' But The Vibes
4. It's Business As Usual
5. Miles
6. Dirty Barry
7. In A Moment Of Clarity
8. Achieved In The Valley In The Dolls (Original Version)
9. Vermillion Kisses
10. The Big Bamboozle
11. State Of Contraction
12. The Sweetest Embrace
13. Set The Controls Again


Just when I thought nothing great was coming out of Manchester anymore, in comes straight out of left-field Barry Adamson's masterpiece. Barry Adamson continues making soundtracks to imaginary films in this album, much as in Moss Side Story, but the result here is much better.

Each single track of this album has something interesting to give you, either it catches you for it's musical originality, or how funny, disturbing or fascinating it is. It is not hard to see why David Lynch loved this album.

At times the album feels slightly disjointed in its variety, but as an exploration of the unconscious and its underbelly through music, you really couldn't get much better. The little stories, the contributions by Jarvis Cocker and Nick Cave, the Bondesque theme songs... I am not sure how many times I'll put it on at home, but I know this is a work of art and definitely belongs in my library.

Track Highlights

1. Vermillion Kisses
2. The Vibes Ain't Nothin' But The Vibes
3. It's Business As Usual
4. The Sweetest Embrace

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

In 2002, Adamson left his long-term label, Mute Records, and started his own 'production home', Central Control International. In 2006, he released Stranger on the Sofa, first for his Central Control International imprint, to critical acclaim. Back To The Cat, his second album for the label, was released in March 2008.

In 2007 it was announced that Magazine would reform for concerts in 2008. Adamson will be part of this and the same line up that recorded Secondhand Daylight will reform, with the exception of the late John McGeoch. McGeoch will be replaced by Luxuria/Apollo 440 member Noko.

With Nick Cave, The Sweetest Embrace:

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