Monday, October 29, 2007

412. Thin Lizzy - Live And Dangerous (1978)

Track Listing

1. Jailbreak
2. Emerald
3. Southbound
4. Rosalie
5. Dancing in the moonlight
6. Massacre
7. Still in love with you
8. Johnny the fox meets Jimmy the weed
9. Cowboy song
10. The boys are back in town
11. Don't believe a word
12. Warriors
13. Are you ready
14. Suicide
15. Sha La La
16. Baby drives me crazy
17. The rocker


Rock out with your cock out! Here's Thin Lizzy... giving us some Spinal Tappy music, this is an unfortunate precedent to all kinds of hair bands in the 80's but it is fortunately better than most of those. This is no Europe or Scorpions or Motley Crue, there is actually some quality to this album.

Unfortunately this is really not my type of music, I can listen to it and after a while start appreciating some of the talent behind it, but this is a pretty long double album, at over 75 minutes, and it just gets old fast.

This type of hard rock always brings smirks to my face, it sounds a bit silly the musical talent is there but is at times bordering on the edge of musical masturbation in a way that is never as interesting as similar onanisms committed by Prog. So yeah it is pretty good for its style, but I just don't like the style, although Boys Are Back in Town is always fun.

Track Highlights

1. Boys Are Back In Town
2. Jailbreak
3. Cowboy Song
4. The Rocker

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

Although the finished album contains overdubbing, it is claimed that it is "75% live". It is nevertheless commonly considered one of the best live rock albums of all time. It was also the last album to feature Brian Robertson who went on to form Wild Horses with ex-Rainbow bassman Jimmy Bain.

On this album, the band segues immediately from "Cowboy Song" into "The Boys Are Back in Town," on the line "a cowboy's life is the life for me".

The version of "Still In Love With You" is considered by many to be the ultimate Thin Lizzy recording.

Boys Are Back In Town:

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