Tuesday, October 16, 2007

398. Elis Regina - Vento De Maio (1978 or is it 1983!)

Track Listing

1. Vento De Maio
2. Sai Dessa
3. Tiro Ao Alvaro
4. So Deus E Quem Sabe
5. O Que Foi Feito Devera
6. Nova Estacao
7. Saudade Eterna
8. Outro Cais
9. Rebento
10. O Trem Azul
11. O Medo De Amar E O Medo De Ser Livre
12. Se Eu Quiser Falar Com Deus
13. Aprendendo a Jogar


What the hell is wrong with the people that make this list?! This album is not from 1978, it's from 1983. Also, it's a posthumous compilation, a COMPILATION, YOU HEAR! And lastly it is definitely not the best Elis Regina album out there! You would think that they would at least google the fucking albums they put up on the list.

The tremendous ignorance of Brazilian music has been shown here before with the choice of Astrud Gilberto's Beach Samba, one of her worst albums and this is not much better. As is natural this is a very uneven affair. There are great tracks here and to be frank I've always been a big lover of Regina who has one of the best and more unique voices in Brazilian music. But why this unrepresentative album?

There are plenty of good songs to like here, a special nod goes to Tiro ao Alvaro which is particularly fun if you understand Portuguese, as the title itself is a pun and the whole song is written in a kind of funny dialect, presumably of Italian immigrants to Brazil. But I am still too miffed about this album, some great songs by a great musician, but a very hit and miss album. If you want to get anything worthy you would do better with Aquarela Do Brasil (1969) or Elis & Tom (1974).

Track Highlights

1. Tiro Ao Alvaro
2. Se Eu Quiser Falar Com Deus
3. Sai Dessa
4. Saudade Eterna

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

In the late '60s and early '70s, Elis Regina helped to popularize the work of the tropicalia movement, recording songs by musicians such as Gilberto Gil. Her 1974 collaboration with Antonio Carlos Jobim, Elis & Tom, is often cited as one of the greatest bossa nova albums of all time. She also recorded songs by Milton Nascimento, João Bosco, Aldir Blanc, Chico Buarque, Jorge Ben, Baden Powell, Caetano Veloso and Rita Lee. She possessed an exciting voice and superb intonation, and excelled at up-tempo numbers and ballads under the banner of Brazilian Popular Music Música Popular Brasileira. Her nicknames were "furacão" ("hurricane") and "pimentinha" ("little pepper").

When Elis Regina succumbed to an accidental drug-alcohol-tranquilizers overdose in 1982, at the age of 37, she had recorded dozens of top-selling records in her career. Elis Regina has sold over 80 million albums.

Tiro Ao Alvaro, with some video about dogs... yes indeed:

And now my favourite Elis Regina song live in Portugal in 1978!! Actually this year! Romaria:


Anonymous said...

Or you left 397 out of the list ...
Or you made a mistake in the numbers ...

Francisco Silva said...

thanks, I'll fix it.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I bought a copy of an album by regina elis called 'vento de maio' as well but from 1978 but it's inmported from brazil and has a much different cover and tracklisitng [with only 10 tracks]. I think it may have been the original album before in the 80's emi reused the name for a compilation. The only curiousity is that the book mentions achilles heel which is not on my original album but on the 80's album...

I am so confused.