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411. Throbbing Gristle - D.O.A. The Third And Final Report (1978)

Track Listing

1. IBM
2. Hit By A Rock
3. United
4. Valley Of The Shadow Of Death
5. Dead On Arrival
6. Weeping
7. Hamburger Lady
8. Hometime
9. Ab/7a
10. E-Coli
11. Death Threats
12. Walls Of Sound
13. Blood On The Floor


Well, this was interesting, if not totally pleasant. Don't get me wrong it is more pleasant than some of the stuff we've had here, but it is really not something that you want to have blasting out of your speakers. It sounds much more like something that you would expect at an art installation than an actual album.

There are some pretty original things here, the use of samples is innovative, even if a bit dull at times, there are also some clever musical games, that quickly lose their shine.

That's one thing about this album, it is clever, some times it isn't as clever as it thinks it is... so it fails there and it fails in eliciting any kind of emotion after you get over the unpleasantness. It soon becomes quite boring when you have found out all there is to find out here. An interesting experiment, but not a good album. Sorry to all Throbbing Gristle lovers.

Track Highlights

1. Weeping
2. Hamburger Lady
3. Hit By a Rock
4. AB/7A

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

Vinyl Notes:

"A few words about this record: for various reasons we have decided to include a solo track by each of the four individual group members. We think you may find this illuminating [...] Explanatory details about individual tracks are as follows:

"Side One: "I.B.M. was inspired by a found cassette sent to us by Mark Eyles. "Hit by a Rock" was recorded at Highbury Roadhouse, London in September 1977. "Valley of the Shadow of Death" was recorded and arranged by Peter Christopherson. "Dead on Arrival" was recorded live at A.T.C., Goldsmiths College, London in May 1978. "Weeping" uses four types of acoustic violin through a space-echo played and arranged by Genesis P-Orridge, the lyrics are co-written by Genesis P-Orridge and Ewa Zajac.

"Side Two: "Hamburger Lady" was inpired by a section of a letter from Dr. Al Ackerman of Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. reproduced elsewhere on this sleeve. "Hometime" was played, recorded and arranged by Cosey Fanni Tutti. "Death Threats" was taken unaltered off our telephone answering machine. "Walls of Sound" was recorded live at five locations during the last year. "Blood on the Floor" was recorded live at Highbury Roundhouse, London in September 1977.

Hamburger Lady...with flashing text on the fucking video, just to annoy the shit out of all of yous:

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