Tuesday, August 28, 2007

355. Abba - Arrival (1976)

Track Listing

1. When I Kissed The Teacher
2. Dancing Queen
3. My Love My Life
4. Dum Dum Diddle
5. Knowing Me Knowing You
6. Money Money Money
7. That's Me
8. Why Did It Have To Be Me
9. Tiger
10. Arrival


Here is another album showing us what was wrong with the world of music in the late 70's and why Punk was necessary to tip the scales. This is the most horrid kind of crap to see the light of day.

America has many crimes to defend itself for, from the massacre of Native Americans through to the lovely external politics they chose to grace the world with. But nothing, ever is comparable to what Europeans have inflicted on themselves with the Eurovision song contest. Thankfully there have been some attempts by voters and participants to subvert it (see Finland's win a couple of years ago with Lordi's Hard Rock Hallelujah).

Abba is a product of that most despicable of crimes and their whole music is a continuation of the infliction of pain and misery to educated ears. Sure they are Swedish so they don't write lyrics very well, it is lost in translation. But do Swedes have a different tonal system as well? The Hives are a great band, I don't mind the Cardigans as well, but Abba? Ace Of Base? Roxette? EUROPE?! Yngwie Malmsteen? Therion? Eric Fucking Prydz?

Although I quite like a Swedish band called Hedningarna, check them out. Oh and my wife's stepfather is Swedish and he's a good guy.

Track Highlights

Highlights?!!! Dancing Queen is good if you are flamboyantly gay and on a dance floor.

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

"Fernando" did not appear on Arrival, but it was included on the Australian and New Zealand versions. "Fernando" remained unreleased on Arrival until the first remastered issue in 1997.

Thank fuck for small mercies.

Some Hedningarna for you:

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