Sunday, December 17, 2006

180. The Doors - Morrison Hotel (1970)

Track Listing

1. Roadhouse Blues
2. Waiting For The Sun
3. You Make Me Real
4. Peace Frog
5. Blue Sunday
6. Ship Of Fools
7. Land Ho
8. Spy
9. Queen Of The Highway
10. Indian Summer
11. Maggie McGill


The Doors come back to form after a couple of mediocre albums which weren't on this list. Ok, this is not as amazing as their first album but it is still pretty good stuff, there are no extended intrumentals or even long tracks here; these are all very much around the 3, 4 minute mark and that is actually a pity.

Anyway, there are some truly great tracks here, Morrison's lyrics are too pretentious for their own good and at times just plain incomprehensible. Even so, he manages to make very good music indeed. This album mixes Rock, Blues and Psychadelia like little else before, and often in the same track. This uncategorisable quality is part of their allure, especially because it is so symbiotic... Waiting For The Sun had a psychadelic chorus, a blues guitar and a heavy guitar riff for example, often playing together.

The Doors were, unfortunately a very uneven band, but when they did get it right, they got it really right. This is one of those cases and a very admirable one at that. So buy it from Amazon UK or US.

Track Highlights

1. Roadhouse Blues
2. Waiting For The Sun
3. Peace Frog
4. Ship Of Fools

Final Grade



Roadhouse Blues:

From Wikipedia:

The cover photo was taken in LA. They did not have permission to take the photograph. The band asked the owners if they could photograph the hotel, and they declined, so the band went inside when nobody was looking, and took the photo.

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