Saturday, December 16, 2006

179. Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath (1970)

Track Listing

1. Black Sabbath
2. Wizard
3. Behind the Wall of Sleep
4. N.I.B.
5. Evil Woman
6. Sleeping Village
7. Warning
8. Wicked World


Black Sabbath!!! ROCK BITCHES! I am quite sorry this is not gonna be as thorough a review as often; problem is, it's Friday night you see, and our downstairs neighbours asked us to go out, and we did, so countless numbers of beers afterwards here I am TADA!

You put this album on and you know you've hit cliché heaven: rain, thunder and church bells before this mean Goth guiar comes on like a Bat Out Of Hell. And you just know Heavy Metal as we know it started, the imagery, the sounds the lyrics its all there.

Well, you either gotta love it or hate it. This is not a great album musically but the influence of it cannot be overemphasised, countless bands have used this as a template so there. And it rocks my socks, still it sounds a bit half-baked, they solve all with Paranoid though. Still, how can you beat Track 1, Black Sabbath on Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath? Buy it at Amazon UK or US.

Track Highlights

1. N. I. B.
2. Black Sabbath
3. Warning
4. Behind The Wall Of Sleep

Final Grade



Black Sabbath, By Black Sabbath On Black Sabbath:

From Wikipedia:

* The original American and Canadian releases of the album had "Wicked World" in place of "Evil Woman" due to conflicts over publishing rights, while the 1996 remaster of the album featured both. The NEMS version was the same as the European version, but placed "The Wizard" as the last track of the album. Both "Evil Woman" and "Wicked World" are found in the Black Box: The Complete Original Black Sabbath (1970-1978) box set version of the CD.

* The intro to "Behind the Wall of Sleep" is called "Wasp", the intro to "N.I.B." is called "Bassically" and the ending (incorrectly labeled as the intro) of "Sleeping Village" is called "A Bit of Finger".

* "Behind the Wall of Sleep" is a reference to the H.P. Lovecraft story Beyond the Wall of Sleep.

* "N.I.B." does not stand for "Nativity in Black". Drummer Bill Ward had a beard that singer Ozzy Osbourne said looked like the nib of a fountain pen. The band named the song after the nib and added initials so the name would be more mysterious.

* The short intro "A Bit Of Finger" to the song "Sleeping Village" was originally called ЛЄНИН (Lenin) and was about the world's first socialist state (The Soviet Union). It was also considably longer (fleshing out to a supposed 3 minutes). The original lyrics that speak of Lenin's revolution were removed from the final draft (at the Warner executives request), leaving the three remaining verses.

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