Saturday, December 02, 2006

165. Isaac Hayes - Hot Buttered Soul (1969)

Track Listing

1. Walk On By
2. Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic
3. One Woman
4. By The Time I Get To Phoenix


You put this album on and you have to do a double check that you haven't put Portishead on. That's how good and ahead of its time it is. Or at least the first track. The first track is probably the most perfect version of Walk On By ever done. Oozing with sexyness and sensuality and perfectly crafted.

The album is composed of 4 quite extended tracks but they don't feel overextended, it's great. The only exception is By The Time I Get To Phoenix, where the 8 minute intro could have been shortened, but it does pay off.

It is a great album, and Isaac Hayes, even though a Scientologist, is amazing. Good album to make out to as well. If you've never listened to this, you really need to. Keep in mind that it is 1969 and it's just like nothing else at the time.

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Track Highlights

1. Walk On By
2. Unpronouncableofhawofhwapofhewtetg
3. By The Time I Get To Phoenix
4. The Other One

Final Grade



Great, remember the original is 12 minutes long:

From Wikipedia:

The album was notable for its use of innovative production techniques, and has deeply influenced a great deal of subsequent soul, hip hop and Motown music. Both "Walk On By" and "Hyperbolicsyllabicseequedalymystic" have been sampled extensively, the former showing up on tracks by the likes of 3rd Bass and Wu-Tang Clan, while the latter song was sampled by Public Enemy for "Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos".

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