Friday, April 30, 2010

1104 - Mojo 122. Ill Wind - Flashes (1968)

Track Listing

1. Walkin' And Singin'
2. People Of The Night
3. Little Man
4. Dark World
6. High Flying Bird
7. Hung Up Chick
8. Sleep
9. Full Cycle


Some more psych from the late 60s... this being the mojo list, it is natural that these years are very long, and although I really like this album it feels a little superfluous. It sounds a lot like Jefferson Airplane, and while that is a good thing it doesn't make it particularly original, however they might be better than Jefferson Airplane... yes, you heard that right.

This is another example of great American psych, not much here is mind-blowing or that original and there is plenty of more innovative psych to appear on this list soon. However, it is a consistently good album, with great playing and vocals throughout, which just does a great job at what it sets out to do.

Fortunately this is a musical period (around 68-73) which I really enjoy... possibly only surpassed by the late 70s (77-79) and so I can very easily continue listening to slightly different psych albums one after the other, so heh.

If you like Jefferson Airplane you'll love this.

Track Highlights

1. Dark World
2. Walkin' and Singin'
3. Full Cycle
4. People of the Night

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