Tuesday, April 06, 2010

1100 - Mojo 117. Magic Sam - West Side Soul (1968)

Track Listing

1. That's All I Need
2. I Need You So Bad
3. I Feel So Good (I Wanna Boogie)
4. All Of Your Love
5. I Don't Want No Woman
6. Sweet Home Chicago
7. I Found A New Love
8. Every Night And Every Day
9. Lookin' Good
10. My Love Will Never Die
11. Mama Mama
12. I Don't Want No Woman


Somewhere between Sam Cooke and Muddy Waters we have Magic Sam, who perfectly mixes soul and blues in this great album. If there is one gripe I have with the album is the fact that it sounds quite behind the times, inspired as it is by music that has had its heyday some years earlier.

The album is pretty original however, and the mix between two musical genres is pretty well done. It is also a lot of fun and Magic Sam is nothing if not a great guitar player.

The sheer enjoyment you get form the record neatly brushes away most criticism, it is a great piece of music and something you should listen to if you are at all interested in blues or soul.

Track Highlights

1. That's All I Need
2. Sweet Home Chicago
3. I Feel So Good (I Wanna Boogie)
4. I Don't Want No Woman

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

It is often cited by blues enthusiasts to be one of the greatest electric blues albums of all time.

That's All I Need:

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