Monday, February 25, 2008

505. Haircut One Hundred - Pelican West (1982)

Track Listing

1. Favourite Shirt (Boy Meets Girl)
2. Love Plus One
3. Lemon Firebrigade
4. Marine Boy
5. Milk Film
6. Kingsize (You're My Little Steam Whistle)
7. Fantastic Day
8. Baked Beans
9. Snow Girl
10. Love's Got Me In Triangles
11. Surprise Me Again
12. Calling Captain Autumn


This is a bit of a hit and miss album. There are some things to love here and then there are plenty of things to just go meh about. It is an inordinately top-heavy album seeing as the first three tracks are some of the best and then you only get really good stuff on the last track.

That being said it is an album which has not dated favourably in many of its tracks, the use of jazzy tunes is even more out-dated than the Donald Fagen album because it lacks the quality of The Nightfly. Haircut 100 are not a Jazz band, but they try... with not the best results.

So this album is not really something I would recommend but there are tracks here that I would definitely recommend, so look down at my Track Highlights, download those and that should have you sorted out.

Track Highlights

1. Love Plus One
2. Calling Captain Autumn
3. Lemon Firebrigade
4. Boy Meets Girl

Final Grade



From Wikpedia:

Haircut 100 appeared just as new pop, a wave that continued for several years. They were quickly successful: their first single, 1981's "Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl)" reached number four in the UK charts. Their next single, "Love Plus One", reached number three and broke the Top 40 in America.

Love Plus One:

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