Monday, February 11, 2008

491. Bauhaus - Mask (1981)

Track Listing

1. Hair Of The Dog
2. Passions Of Lovers
3. Of Lilies And Remains
4. Hollow Hills
5. Dancin'
6. Kick In The Eye
7. Muscle In Plastic
8. In Fear Of Fear
9. Man With The X Ray Eyes
10. Mask


I keep on being a sucker for so called "goth" music or what should be more properly called dark post-punk, Bauhaus are no exception and even if we are missing the smash hit that launched a 1000 self-mutilators, Bela Lugosi's Dead which came out as a single and not part of an album, we do get Mask, one of Bauhaus best efforts.

The album is at the same time a stark, experimental and quite beautiful affair. Bauhaus are not afraid to try out new sounds and distortions, while adding touches of beauty. A fine example of this is the great title track, which adds some great classical guitar to a track which is composed mainly of noises and Murphy's beautiful voice.

Of course Bauhaus are an incredibly theatrical band, at times it is hard to see if they actually take themselves seriously or not, Of Lillies And Remains is surely a joke, but I am not so sure about Passion Of Lovers, but this all adds to their mystique. Great Album.

Track Highlights

1. Mask
2. Passion Of Lovers
3. Hollow Hills
4. Kick In The Eye

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

The original artwork for the album was a gatefold sleeve, with blue text on the inside and a stark black and white image of the band, on later editions this inside was replaced with white text and a montage from the promotional video for the song 'Mask'.

The video for Mask, so pretentious:

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