Thursday, November 15, 2007

429. Crusaders - Street Life (1979)

Track Listing

1. Street Life
2. My Lady
3. Rodeo Drive (High Steppin')
4. Carnival Of The Night
5. Hustler
6. Night Faces


Unfortunately an amazing track, even if it is 11 minutes long does not a 40 minute album make. This is what happens here, it starts with a great song, the title track and then goes on to be quite run of the mill fusion jazz which deserves to be in an elevator somewhere.

So, really this is a list of 1001 albums, not 1001 singles and this album is worth it just for one track, so either download that track or buy the soundtrack to Tarantino's Jackie Brown, a great compilation which includes it.

If only the rest of the album was like the first track. But it isn't actually it is hard to recognise it as even the same band, it is completely disconnected from the rest of the album. The other tracks run the gamut from the bearable (My Lady) to the awful (Rodeo Drive). Get the first track and that's it.

By the way I am starting a new blog today, look in the sidebar for a new 1001 project, 1001 Classical, can't say my interests aren't varied.

Track Highlights

1. Street Life

Final Grade

6/10 (10/10 to Street Life)


From Wikipedia:

Street Life is a studio album by the American jazz band The Crusaders. It represents the peak of the band's commercial popularity, as it was a Top 20 album on three Billboard charts. The title track was also a Top 40 pop single. It was also used on the soundtrack to Quentin Tarantino's Jackie Brown.

Street Life:

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